School Portal FAQ’s
What is a School Portal?
I accidently created a Classroom Organizer account and I meant to create a School Portal account. Do I sign up for a new account for the School Portal?
Can I use the Classroom Organizer mobile app to access my School Portal account?
Can my school share eBooks if we have a School Portal account?
How do I set up my teachers to access the Book Room?
How do students check out books from the bookroom library?

Teacher Resources
How do I access my teacher resources?
Do I need to use the link each time I want to use a resource?
Can I let my colleague use the link, too?
If I have materials for many different sets, how do I locate a particular title?
Why don’t all the book titles in the set collections have links to a title sheet resource?
Can I get a hard copy of these resources?
How can I determine what grade level standards are used on the title sheets?
What resources are available?
Who can I contact for help?

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